Sustainable clothing products

Whatever is sustainable in apparel, we make them for your brand. We achieved both, the breadth of product categories and depth of materials, which brought us to a multiplex of sustainable clothing brands to produce organic, recycled, natural & bamboo categories for them.

Sustainability in fashion starts from design

Create a sustainable design collection in minutes to sell on your label. We don’t charge for design, so you can get world class design at no extra cost.

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In our inspirations of color, fabric, trims, or packaging, we keep sustainability at the very center of our design


We opt for simplicity, comfort & trendiness for our product so that making it remains sustainable all along


When in production, we are the most rigid on maintaining GOTS & OCS compliance with sustainable dyeing

Trusted by sustainable clothing brands

Brands from across the world trusted us for their sustainable journey onwards & upwards. You can be one of them to become sustainable and scalable at the same time.

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Home-built organic design collection

Here are only a few of our trendy but sustainable product designs. Reach out
to us for your label on them.

Long Hoodie with 100% Organic Cotton, Diagonal Terry, 280 GSM at Iris Yellow color

Sleeve less tee with 100% Organic Cotton, Diagonal Terry, 280 GSM at Iris Yellow color

High neck jacket, 100% Organic Cotton, Diagonal Terry, 280 GSM at Iris Yellow color

Crew neck sweatshirt, 100% Organic Cotton, Diagonal Terry, 280 GSM at Irs Yellow color

100% Organic Cotton, Diagonal Terry, 280 GSM at Irs Yellow color​

Crew Neck Drop Shoulder, 100% Organic Cotton, Diagonal Terry, 280 GSM at Irs Yellow color​

Half Sleeve Crop Tee, 100% Organic Cotton, Diagonal Terry, 280 GSM at Irs Yellow color​

How your product
will be made

We take responsibility from design phase to shipment until goods reach your warehouse.

Design and develop

Build collection from our ready-to-develop
1000+ designs or based on your idea we make
the collection for your clothing brand

Source & manufacture

Sourcing raw materials, finding production sites,
doing bulk - are not your headache anymore.
Your only job is to approve samples

Delivery to warehouse

After the order placed, we take full responsibility
for delivering the goods to your warehouse
in due time & with the desired quality

Our product categories

Sustainable clothing brands are choosing from a variety of product categories that we are producing. Check more from our categories.

Jackets category


Sweaters category by NITEX


T-shirts category by NITEX


Bodysuits category by NITEX


Activewear category by NITEX


Dresses category by NITEX


Sweatshirts category by NITEX


Blouses category by NITEX


Hoodies category by NITEX


Endless possibilities

We offer a multitude of customization options in your product collection, starting from fabrics to trims to embellishments. The possibility is endless


Being part of the global movement, we provide all kinds of sustainable cottons; Organic, Bamboo, Recycled, or BCI. You have the option to pick cotton, spandex, viscose, or any blends you need.


Any kind of customization opportunity applies here too. From embroidery to patches to all kinds of print options. Pigment prints, CMYK, Photo prints, AOP, Batik, Tie-dye, DTG, or high visibility - you name it.


Wash is another key process that requires sustainability. Being a sustainable manufacturer, we offer various options like Burnout, Vintage washes or much simpler ones like Softener, or Enzyme wash.


You can get all customizations in trims that are manufactured through sustainable processes. High quality trims from both local sources or exporting countries, you pick them in your organic clothes.


From hang tags, size labels, wash labels to polyethylene or cartons, we can use any other high end sustainable accessories for your apparel products from our collection of accessories. Let us know your needs.


As for packaging, you can also opt for recycled packaging, or many other organically sourced & processed materials for packaging. Our sources spread over Jute based, Tree leaves or even skins of fruits.

Why make products with us

Because we help sustainable clothing brands like yours to grow big and fast

Minimum order quantity

Make any quantity
from 250 pcs

Any quantity above 250 receives value-based prices & your deal
becomes profitable. The higher the quantity, the lower the price gets.
Sustainable clothing production gets cheaper when quantity is bigger.

Make any quantity from 250 pcs

Transparent supply chain

Track projects
in real time

From design to manufacturing to shipping, you can track and visualize every aspect of the supply chain from your home. We empower you with a digital tool that makes us accountable.

Get deliveries within 6 weeks

Turn around time

Get deliveries within 6 weeks

Shorter turnaround is one more reason why customers love us. It takes
us 4-5 weeks for production while the rest of the time is for getting your
sustainable clothing products at your warehouse.

Sustainability focused products

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NITEX is your home for everything to run a sustainable clothing brand. From design to production to shipping, we take full responsibility for your supply chain.

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