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The platform for rising fashion brands

See every part of the production process 24/7 via our own online digital platform.

Design & source products

Our design process interprets trends into fashion products that satisfy today’s customer demand.

Manufacture in bulk

Our merchandisers, quality assurance managers, and product development experts work with factories to ensure products meet the requirements.

Shipping & Delivery

Starting from C&F agents on the sourcing port, air, or sea freight management, custom broker management up to home delivery is our responsibility.

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Get prices on submitted RFQs as soon as you submit the designs.

Type of items we produce

From t-shirts to jeans to winter items, anything that you sell through your clothing company.





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I STRONGLY recommend Nitex to EVERYONE interested in running a successful fashion business! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. If you want production support that works- Nitex’s got you covered.

Derik Estain

Apparel manufacturing made easy

Learn core values of Nitex and more about how we made it extremely easy to access apparel manufacturing

NITEX will be with you, whether you like to start an online store or are a high-end physical boutique. We know our way around apparel production, design, sourcing, and every step along the way until your goods arrive at your warehouse.


As you know, the clothing industry is closely associated with a feeding frenzy. To beat the competition, you have to deliver flawless quality, but not at the cost of your bottom line. This might galvanize you into action to start looking for clothing manufacturers for startups, like NITEX.


It is us who help you maintain superior quality across every garment you’re selling – be it a dress, sportswear, or merch. Most importantly, we do that with efficiency in mind. As an international clothing manufacturing company, NITEX saves you tons of money on procuring materials and production. Outsource it to us and watch the costs shrink!

Nitex is more than just a private-label clothing manufacturer

You're absolutely right. Although we have over 210 production lines and are capable of creating 150M clothing items annually, our services extend well beyond manufacturing. NITEX is your all-in-one solution for:

  • Design. Incredible apparel is a result of a clear-cut tech pack and clothing production accuracy. Provide us with your blueprint, and we’ll then handle the latter. If you don’t have one, choose from available designs at NITEX or create it with our specialists.
  • Sourcing. Never downplay the importance of materials for the garments your brand is selling. We help you source them from China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh to reduce costs with no quality at stake. Register with us to get started.
  • Quality assurance. Want your fashion label to become the next Nike? Then keep tabs on quality at every step of the apparel manufacturing process. With us, you can check materials and end products remotely to make sure they meet your needs.
  • Logistics. International shipments can be tricky. That’s true unless you’re working with NITEX. Leave air and sea shipments to us while focusing on your brand growth. After registering, you can track them using our platform and schedule your deliveries accordingly.

Our own clothing factories on the platform will do sampling

It’s critical to ensure that your clothing items are perfect in terms of materials, seams, trimming, and colors. You may even want to try one to have a closer look. At NITEX, we make that possible before mass-producing your garments.

With our samples, you can check the end product and make adjustments to it if needed. Once the prototype item is clean and polished, we’ll go into high gear, leveraging the full capacity of our factories during the bulk production phase.

Our process of manufacturing for clothing lines and other fashion businesses is extremely simple. We turn startups into success stories by helping them manage everything they need to grow into household names faster.


Build your brand with NITEX and flourish in the clothing industry! Hit us up for sales inquiries, support, or more details on our proprietary platform.

Simplify apparel manufacturing for your fashion brand