Design Lab

We stay ahead of the trend with our global designers and forecasters across the globe

Nitex collaborates and creates innovative designs with highly-skilled global design teams, and incorporates their year-long experience of working with remarkable brands to produce apparel from formalwear to luxurious clothing to high street and streetwear.

We craft sustainable outfits catering to all categories for brands


For men, we create the most dapper and comfortable apparel ranging from formal wear to loungewear.


For women, we produce the most fashionable and stylish apparel that always trends without compromising comfort.


For children, we prioritize comfort and produce apparel that is gentle on their skin. The kids’ best interest is our top priority.

Forecasting demand with the use of Artificial Intelligence and expert designers

By knowing the right trends, we translate them into exquisitely designed products and packaging that set you apart and are sustainably conscious, helping you gain market share.

Fashion is volatile and it evolves rapidly, but so does our forecasting technology. It is capable of predicting what style is in demand and helps us to identify the next booming trend. By using this technology, we help brands make informed decisions and show only the top products in your showrooms.

Creating brands across every category

Transforming concepts into reality

We bring new concepts to life through innovation at every stage. Our aim is to design, plan and implement more sustainable collections on a regular basis.

Our collection has no bounds

We produce tens of thousands of sustainable collections per year to keep our creativity running. Our team relentlessly strive to come up with new ideas and create collections of designs and materials.

Building brands together

We build collaborative relationships with brands to come up with innovative designs and ideas that are capable of making an impact in the industry with sustainable and stylish clothing.


Brand new Materials Pack every week

Our in-house teams collaborate with international groups to develop innovative designs that are both sustainable and trendy. We publish brand new material packs every week as a result of our intensive research and development, and strive to make our designs long lasting, organic, and eco-friendly.

Implementing Innovations That make an Impact

The commitment to protecting the environment drives our effort to create luxurious and sustainable materials, and to popularise them globally with innovative designs that put smiles on people’s faces.

Reducing Carbon Footprints with sustainable materials

With the support of our foreign research and development team, we recreate rare exquisite fabrics to ensure that you always find the masterpiece you are brewing.


153 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3QE,

United Kingdom


© 2022. Nitex Inc. All rights Reserved.


153 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3QE,

United Kingdom

© 2022. Nitex Inc. All rights Reserved.