Sustainability Is The Heart Of What We Do

With our passion for sustainable and organic designs, we craft apparels that are kind to the environment. We are inspired to produce sustainable fashion from the ground up.

Innovative raw materials

True fashion is made to last, and so are our fabrics. Our team does extensive research to produce sustainable, stylish, and affordable fabrics. We take every step necessary to embed sustainability in fashion by innovating sustainable raw materials for generations to come.

Our sustainable approach
toward fashion

Sustainable materials from natural resources

In our production process, we only use natural materials that have been harvested organically and made without synthetic additives. The fabrics used for manufacturing the clothes are all naturally dyed. We derive the products from plants and minerals to reduce waste and chemical toxicity. As a result, we can easily recycle and decompose them without wasting any resources.

Producing organically for you

To achieve our goal of a future that is more green and stylish, we ensure all our products are sustainably made. We use organically grown materials that are naturally dyed and can be recycled to avoid access waste. As fashion moves towards a more sustainable world, we strive to leave zero footprints with our designs and manufactured materials.

Practicing social conscience

When we think of sustainability, we think of it in every little aspect. We think of sustainability from producing earth-friendly products to providing an equal workspace for our employees regardless of their sex, gender, religion, or ethnicity. We participate in diverse social responsibilities and collaborate with brands that share the same mission for sustainability. We believe in making conscious choices for Nitex, and that makes us the most sustainable design studio in the world.


Sustainability for the Earth and its People

We are committed to ensuring a green fashion industry for the people and the planet by embedding sustainability in all our practices. We make sure our materials are eco-friendly, by using sustainable crops, organic farms, and certified factories to manufacture trendy clothing for all our brands.


153 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3QE,

United Kingdom


© 2022. Nitex Inc. All rights Reserved.


153 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3QE,

United Kingdom

© 2022. Nitex Inc. All rights Reserved.