Seamless Experience For Brands

Brands can now get apparel designs, a flexible credit system, and everything else on one platform including factory compliance, manufacturing, order tracking, and shipment.

Generating Designs Based
On Brand-DNA

Pick and choose

Pick and choose

Brands can choose any design from a huge collection that is curated for them, keeping the upcoming trend in perspective.

Create and collaborate

Join the forces and design with our incredibly remarkable design team to bring your sustainable designs to life. We believe teamwork makes the dream work.
2. Create and collaborate

Fastest TAT for quotes
and samples

Get quotes in 24 hours

AI-enabled fabric consumption calculator. We enable brands to focus on innovation and expand to a broader audience faster and more sustainably with our Platform, giving them the most accurate quotation within 24 hours.

Fastest product developments

Visualize the flow of the sample development process and make sure the sample is ready on time.


Collaborate with multiple teams in real-time from across the globe to create, incorporate feedback, and approve production.

Product_Sample developments done the quickest

Real-time visibility reimagined

Style level visibility

Order/Style level visibility

You can view real-time photos/videos directly from the factory floor while keeping track of every style’s status and report.

360 factory profiles

Select and visit the best factories in the country with the 360-degree VR feature from the comfort of your home, where products are manufactured with utmost care and love.
360 factory profiles




153 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3QE,

United Kingdom


© 2022. Nitex Inc. All rights Reserved.


153 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3QE,

United Kingdom

© 2022. Nitex Inc. All rights Reserved.