Simplify apparel manufacturing for your fashion brand

With quick quotes, real-time tracking, and 24/7 access to progress monitoring, Nitex helps streamline your production.

How it works

Our on-demand manufacturing platform

Step 1

Design your product

Our design process interprets trends into fashion products that satisfy today’s customer demand.

Select from our design

Keeping upcoming trends in mind for the next session, select the ones you like most from our hundreds of unique designs.


Submit your design

Have your own design and ready techpacks? Send it to us and get a price quote ASAP.

Of course. Just have a quick video call with us, explain what you need and we will design the product for you.

Step 2

Get Standard Quote

Get prices on submitted RFQs as soon as you submit the designs.

Step 3

Get proto samples

As soon as the price quote is approved, we start to make proto samples for you.

Sample Product Development

By developing products as prototypes, clients can inspect and test the products. A key step before mass producing your product.

Simply let us know and we will make the changes. This is the exact reason why we make samples before we mass produce your product.

Step 4

Bulk Production starts

When you approve a product sample and places an order for bulk production, we get the ball rolling in our factory.

We help you with all kind of production facilities such as sourcing the right materials, and accessories. Everything in one place.

We have our own factory and partner factories too. Based on your production need, we will give you the factory facility.

Step 5

Quality Control & Final Inspection

We ensure product quality according to the standards set by you. Regular progress is assured through planning and monitoring every day. You can see every part of the production progress in real-time through our platform.

We have dedicated account manager for you who will help you with anything you need.

Step 6

Ship Goods To Warehouse

Our trusted partners take care of the shipment of goods to your warehouses. Starting from C&F agents on the sourcing port, air, or sea freight management, custom broker management up to warehouse delivery is our responsibility. You won’t have to worry about any of this at all.


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